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CBT Tool Deck- Part 1 Cognitive Strategies
CBT Tool Deck- Part 1 Cognitive Strategies
CBT Tool Deck- Part 1 Cognitive Strategies

CBT Tool Deck- Part 1 Cognitive Strategies

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New and Improved!!

The CBT Tool Deck - Part 1 Cognitive Strategies is designed to assist professionals who work with children, adolescents and adults, using principles and interventions that are based within a cognitive-behavioural framework (CBT). CBT uses practical self-help strategies that assist people to change unhealthy or unhelpful patterns of thinking, behaving, and feeling.

This card deck is also suitable to take home as an adjunct to counselling or for parents, teens and children who want to continue practising positive mood altering techniques at home with colourful and vibrant prompts. 

The deck contains 28 A5 Cards:

  • Theory Cards which clearly illustrate and help explain the principles of Cognitive Therapy including the ABC Model.
  • Common Thinking Error Cards which can be easily identified with striking, vibrant, colourful illustrations.
  • Challenge Question Cards designed to help challenge thoughts we hold (including thinking errors) and seek alternative, more helpful ways of thinking.

One of our best sellers, the CBT Tool Deck- Part 1 makes learning cognitive therapy skills easy. Not only do the colourful visuals appeal to children and adults alike, but professionals can relax in the knowing that their clients are actively participating and increasing their depth of understanding through visual learning. 

See The CBT Tool Deck- Part 2 Behavioural Strategies as a brilliant addition to Part 1. Discount applies when purchased together (see pack deal in catalogue).