My Feelings - Cue Cards
My Feelings - Cue Cards
My Feelings - Cue Cards
My Feelings - Cue Cards

My Feelings - Cue Cards

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One of our favourites, the My Feelings Cue Cards are suitable for professionals and parents alike. This 41 piece card deck was designed to not only assess emotional understanding, but also to build connection and rapport when talking about feelings. With a range of colourful pictorials showing monkey's who are angry, sad, happy, scared, confused, lonely, puzzled and everything in between, understanding how one feels by selecting the monkey who shows it the best has proven to be an amazing tool.

This prompting tool can be used to start conversations and learn about how we feel. The "feelings thermometer" cards can be used to teach and/or show strength of emotion, from 'a little' to 'a lot'. This incredibly popular resource also includes pictures of monkey's interacting with different emotions which has proven extremely beneficial in divorce/separation work and any situation in which reading social interactions is required.

The My Feeling Cue Cards can be used to (38 A5 Cue Cards):

  • identify emotions (happy, sad, angry, excited, shy, puzzled, scared, curious and everything in between!)
  • assess emotional understanding and ability to read emotional reactions
  • rate the intensity of emotion expressed or felt by using the 'Feelings Thermometer' on the back of each card
  • teach different emotions and demonstrate different levels of emotional intensity from "a little" to "a lot"
  • build rapport with clients of all ages when used in a therapeutic setting
  • identify interactional patterns commonly experienced in life
  • teach interactional patterns commonly experienced in life
  • Plus much, much more........

"Kids love these! They come into my therapy room and pick them so they can work with them."

Tom K. School Guidance Officer