Notepads - Healthy Modes

Notepads - Healthy Modes

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New Product:

A visual reminder is a great way to prompt clients to evaluate their behaviour and consider if their coping strategy is a healthy one. Colourful handouts can also be great for reinforcing concepts taught in therapy. 

We have selected common Modes frequently discussed in therapy. Our Schema Mode Notepads are a versatile and colourful way of reminding clients to be mindful of different Modes as they occur in day to day life. 

The Notepads work fantastically with our Schema Therapy Tool Kit's and help clients consolidate therapy gains. 

The Healthy Modes pack includes (3 Notepads):

Healthy Coping Modes:

  • Healthy Adult (A6 size, 50 sheets)
  • Happy Child (A6 size, 50 sheets)

Homework Diary

  • Identify Mode and Bypass or Replace with Healthy Coping Behaviour (A5 size, 50 sheets)

Great for clients to put on their fridge, beside their bed or simply in their pocket. 

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