Schema Therapy Tool Kit
Schema Therapy Tool Kit
Schema Therapy Tool Kit
Schema Therapy Tool Kit
Schema Therapy Tool Kit

Schema Therapy Tool Kit

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 Schema therapy is an innovative, integrative therapy that expands beyond cognitive-behavioral therapy, incorporating additional aspects of attachment, Gestalt, object relations and emotion focused therapies.

Part 2 of Schema Therapy Tool Kit has vibrant, colorful cue cards designed to guide sessions using a schema therapy framework.

The cards in this set outline (34 A5 Cue Cards):

  • How we cope with maladaptive schemas
  • The 4 main types of Modes: 
    • Child Modes
    • Parent Modes
    • Dysfunctional Coping Modes
    • Healthy Modes
  • A closer look at Dysfunctional Coping Modes and how coping this way perpetuates schemas.
  • Challenging schemas and other cognitive interventions
  • Behavioral pattern breaking and bypassing unhealthy coping modes.
  • Strengthening our Healthy Coping Modes
  • Experiential Interventions

Use the Schema Therapy cue cards to help clients identify dysfunctional coping strategies. The vibrant visuals can be used to enhance process work and deepen client's understanding of important therapeutic techniques. The visuals can be used as an immediate reminder for future sessions in which dysfunctional coping strategies emerge in situ helping to break habitual patterns of responding. These techniques may be particularly beneficial with long standing emotional difficulties that have origins in childhood or adolescence. 

The intervention cue cards provide additional resources to heal emotional wounds, guiding corrective emotional experiences and activities that seek to meet childhood unmet needs. Not only can these cards be used within a schema therapy framework but creative therapists can adapt the resources to emotion focused techniques, attachment theories and cognitive behavioural techniques.

See Schema Therapy Part 1 to complete the set! Also available in a combo pack.