Boundary Handout Bundle
Boundary Handout Bundle
Boundary Handout Bundle
Boundary Handout Bundle

Boundary Handout Bundle

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Healthy boundaries are essential to maintain a solid sense of self. When boundaries are too weak or too rigid people may struggle to get their needs met. Enmeshed boundaries can lead to people accepting behaviour in others that can cause distress and harm. Conversely, someone who has rigid boundaries may struggle with feelings of loneliness and neglect their needs for connection. 

The Boundary handout bundle consists of two visual handouts designed to educate clients about healthy boundaries. Enmeshed and rigid boundaries are considered in handout 1. Handout 2 identifies six types of boundaries (emotional and/or mental, physical, sexual, spiritual/religious, time and financial). Help your clients consider their boundaries and reflect on whether they are maintaining healthy boundaries within the different boundary domains. Clients are also prompted to think about boundaries within different social domains (e.g., immediate family vs work colleagues). This handout is a great way to introduce meaningful conversations regarding the importance of caring for our own needs. 


This bundle consists of:

2 x A4 full colour notepads (each with 25 sheets).

Great as a take home prompt for clients. Enrich your clients therapeutic experience with vibrant visual reminders.

See this infographic in poster form! Great for offices, classrooms and bedroom walls.

Large Mental Health Boundaries Poster | Based on clinically validated interventions. (


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