Emotional Regulation Handouts
Emotional Regulation Handouts

Emotional Regulation Handouts

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Are you in the green zone?

This colourful, interactive visual resource is designed to prompt children to consider how they are feeling. Learning how to identify one's feelings and choosing strategies that assist to 'calm down' or regulate is an ESSENTIAL life skill. This visual tool uses catchy, clever imagery and text to draw a child's attention. Place this handout in easy to access areas such as the classroom table or fridge as a consistent reminder to check "what colour" are you in?

Not only will children benefit from taking the time to assess how they are feeling, they will also be guided to use helpful regulation strategies. Great for all children and perhaps especially helpful for children on the autistic spectrum or those with a diagnosis of ADHD. 

Guide a child who is ANGRY and in the RED ZONE to move closer to the ORANGE ZONE. Assist a distracted, tired child to move from the BLUE ZONE to the GREEN ZONE. Or let a child pick a strategy to move from the ORANGE ZONE to the more desired state of calm in the GREEN ZONE

This resource comes with 25 full colour A4 handouts (in the form of a high quality notebook). Pair this tool with our Social Skills Cue Cards or ADHD Tool Kit! Also goes great with our No More Bullies Resource.

See this infographic in poster form! Great for offices, classrooms and bedroom walls.

Large Mental Health Poster - Emotional Regulation Handout | Based on clinically validated interventions. (openheartassets.com)

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