Self-Care Cue Cards

Self-Care Cue Cards

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Is looking after yourself, your friends, children or people you work with important to you? Do you value nourishment for the mind, body and soul? Do you sometimes need prompts or reminders to help keep your self-care on track?

The Self-Care Cue cards are full of different self-care ideas for our physical, mental and spiritual health. From going on a holiday to sipping a warm drink, this set of 57 colourful cards has activities appropriate for teenagers and adults from all backgrounds. From calming self-soothing activities that can be implemented immediately to self-care activities that can be identified as a long-term goal, these cards are suitable for all self-care needs.

Important cue cards that ask questions regarding the importance of self-care to barriers that may prevent one from maintaining appropriate self-care are thought provoking and could be used to insight important conversations about looking after our minds and bodies.

These self-care cards are appropriate for people to use at home in their own time or for practitioners who work with clients, 13 years and above. 

Card Deck includes:

  • 4 Question Cards to teach and assess understanding regarding the importance of self-care
  • 42 Self-care Cue Cards showing different self-care techniques for mental, physical and spiritual needs
  • 3 Goal Cards to help identify short-term, medium-term and long-term self-care goals
  • 6 Barrier Cards to identify and problem-solve barriers that may interfere with achieving self-care goals