Anxiety Handout - Overestimating and Underestimating

Anxiety Handout - Overestimating and Underestimating

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This colourful visual is great for clients who experience anxiety or excessive worry about present or future events. Help clients catch thoughts and beliefs that may perpetuate their anxiety. 

Outlined in this handout are 4 thought distortions which commonly occur with anxiety:

- Overestimating the likelihood of threat or a negative outcome.

- Overestimating how bad an outcome may be or catastrophising and thinking the worst.

- Underestimating their ability to cope with any outcome.

- Underestimating safety cues such as available supports or neglecting to consider times when they have coped well previously.

Use as a take home prompt to consolidate therapy teachings and as a handy template to collect valuable information for future sessions. 

This handout comes in A4 size with 25 sheets.

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