Schema Handout: Overvigilance and Inhibition (Part 5)
Schema Handout: Overvigilance and Inhibition (Part 5)

Schema Handout: Overvigilance and Inhibition (Part 5)

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Do you have clients who lack flexibility and are plagued by internal rigid standards?

Schema Therapy provides an integrative model that is especially helpful for clients who demonstrate entrenched, long-standing, unhelpful interpersonal beliefs and/or behaviours. Any person who is wishing to break free from painful habitual patterns of interacting will benefit from considering the 18 early maladaptive schemas developed by Jeffrey Young in Schema Therapy. 

Schema Therapy describes 5 main schema domains.

The following handouts concern the schema domain of overvigilance and inhibition. The 4 early maladaptive schemas covered are:

- Negativity/Pessimism

- Emotional Inhibition

- Unrelenting Standards/Hypercriticalness

- Punitiveness

Each schema will be briefly outlined with possible treatment objectives. In addition, common coping strategies for each schema will be highlighted, including behaviours of surrender, avoidance and overcompensation. Finally, a worksheet (for home or in the therapy session) is included to promote self-awareness and begin the process of behavioural change.

This product consists of 2 x full-colour A4 Notepads (each with 25 sheets).

Help your clients consolidate important therapy gains by taking home engaging, colourful visual prompts. Great for on the fridge, in one's handbag or on the bedside table. Encourage your clients to consider behaviours and emotional reactions between therapy sessions. Clients love our resources, and you will too!

If you would like more on Schema Therapy, check-out our Schema Therapy Tool Kit which provides a step-by-step guide to Schema Therapy.

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