Understanding Emotions Bundle
Understanding Emotions Bundle

Understanding Emotions Bundle

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Teach emotional understanding with these colourful, fun, catchy handouts. Understanding emotions and developing a sound emotional vocabulary is an essential life skill. Help children investigate the difference between varying strengths of emotion and broaden their ability to clarify how they feel. Not only does the Understanding Emotions chart prompt great 'describing' words to express how one feels, but it also allows children to identify the strength of their emotion using a numerical scale. This may be particularly helpful for those on the autistic spectrum or children with speech delays. 

The Understanding Emotions Worksheet assists children to explore the difference between various emotions by evaluating facial expressions and behaviours commonly seen. Prompt children to consider how a face changes, (including ones' eyes, mouth and brow), giving important clues as to how another may be feeling. Accurately reading the emotion in another, informs behaviour, assisting children to develop important social skills. 

Great for clients to take home. Put it on the fridge or take it to school. Fantastic for parents to use with their child in-between sessions, to further consolidate therapy learnings, but also to reinforce the healthy expression of emotion. 

The bundle pack comes with:

1 x A4 Understanding Emotions Notepad with 25 full colour sheets 

1 x A4 Understanding Emotions Worksheet with 25 full colour sheets 

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