Emotionally Focused Therapy Handouts
Emotionally Focused Therapy Handouts
Emotionally Focused Therapy Handouts

Emotionally Focused Therapy Handouts

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Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) is a short-term, systemic therapy that uses the power of emotions to shift client perspectives and create change in their interactional patterns. The EFT model identifies primary (unconscious) emotions and secondary emotions (defenses to more primitive feelings). Often clients may be responding from secondary emotions, obscuring the feelings they hold on a deeper level.

The following handouts can be used in relationships and families. Even individuals may benefit from understanding the negative interactional pattern they have formed with another. Help people discover what really underlies their perpetual conflict by looking at deeper core emotions. How might unmet attachment needs and fears be triggered by others? Are we responding from secondary emotions or do we truly know the core manifestation of our distress. By reaching down into our 'truth' and vulnerability, we can disarm negative interactional patterns and 'really' start talking. 

This bundle consists of 4 handouts (each A4 Notepad comes with 25 full color sheets).

The first handout introduces the core concepts within EFT including primary and secondary emotions.

Handout 2 outlines the process inherent in ongoing, negative interpersonal interactions and how the cycle continues to loop. 

Handout 3 provides clients an opportunity to identify personal interactional patterns that they would like to change.

Handout 4 is a worksheet designed to instigate further contemplation of negative interactional patterns and to discover what really perpetuates the conflict. In addition, clients are encouraged to consider what they and the other person in the conflict needs to feel safe and secure during disagreements.  

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