Stop Think Do Handouts

Stop Think Do Handouts

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This bright, eye-catching handout is designed to be used as a Cognitive Behavioural Resource. This visual prompt can remind clients (particularly child and teen clients) to engage their working memory and consider their actions. The traffic light system clearly communicates to STOP, THINK about your options, and GO, choosing the option that helps you move closer to your goal. 

Fantastic for numerous conditions and situations:

- Use as a substitute for executive functioning difficulties in people diagnosed with ADHD.

- Prompt children learning new and effective social skills (great for kids diagnosed with Autism).

- Remind children with Behavioural Problems to choose wisely.

- Help people with anxiety and depression to stop and consider if their thoughts are accurate or exaggerated, or whether their behavioural choices are moving them closer to their goals. 

Great for school, or on the fridge at home. Parents can also be encouraged to use the visual prompt with their child.

This product comes as a full colour A4 notepad with 25 sheets. 

Great when paired with The CBT Took Deck, The Social Skill Cue Cards, No More Bullies, and the Emotional Regulation Handouts. This product is included in The ADHD Bundle