The Drama Triangle Bundle
The Drama Triangle Bundle
The Drama Triangle Bundle

The Drama Triangle Bundle

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Do you have clients that seem to be endlessly stuck in drama? Do you identify the same patterns, excuses. complaints and criticisms in client's overtime? Do your clients demonstrate a shift in roles from being a victim one moment, a rescuer the next, only to swing into an angry perpetrator mode?

The Drama Triangle is a psychological model founded in transactional analysis theory. It describes how people can play 3 different types of roles (the Perpetrator, the Victim, and the Rescuer), perpetuating unnecessary and draining drama. The 6 client handouts in this bundle, aim to teach clients how to identify when they may be entering the drama triangle. The 6 handouts (each notepad consists of 25 full color sheets) describe:

- What is the Drama Triangle?

- What are the 3 roles that people can play (providing an in-depth description of each)?

- How does the Darma Triangle start?

- What keeps drama going?

- Key player moves that can confound and confuse people stuck in a Drama Triangle.

- Common examples of drama patterns people often get stuck in.

- What underpins and perpetuates people's willingness to continue with drama (including boredom, a lack of identity, attachment concerns, narcissism, a lack of information, unclear rules, unconscious stories or narratives held within, control and power, stress and more....).

- A worksheet designed to identify common drama patterns played out by clients, including triggers and different roles.

- A worksheet to further explore the identification of drama patterns and bring conscious awareness to that which is unconscious. This worksheet also prepares the client to consider what might be perpetuating drama in their lives and plan for a 'drama free' life. 

Great for clients with personality disorder traits. Can be used to highlight different modes or states we may shift into when triggered.

Help clients consolidate important therapy teachings with our vibrant take home prompts. Engage visual learning and bring color to your sessions.


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