Understanding Narcissism Bundle
Understanding Narcissism Bundle
Understanding Narcissism Bundle
Understanding Narcissism Bundle

Understanding Narcissism Bundle

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The topic of narcissism has gained increasing interest over the last few years. So much so, conversations about narcissism and terms like gaslighting are becoming issues commonly discussed with friends and within people's homes. The understanding narcissism bundle seeks to help clients truly understand the mechanisms of gaslighting, narcissist manipulation and narcissistic rage.

The bundle consists of 5 easy-to-use handouts. Topis highlighted include:

- The development of narcissism (how does it develop in people)

- Common traits, defenses and behaviours

- Understanding the motivation behand narcissistic defenses

- What is narcissistic fuel and why do narcissists need it?

- What is narcissistic rage and what is its function for the narcissist

- What is gaslighting and how to detect it

- Different types of narcissism

- The cycle of narcissistic abuse (Idealisation, Devaluation and Discard)

- A fifth handout will answer commonly asks questions such as, "Can narcissists fall in love?", "Do narcissists know what they are doing?", "Can narcissists feel empathy?" and other frequently asked questions in therapy. 

- In addition, a checklist that helps clients identify if they are in a relationship with a narcissist is included and handy tips for navigating such relationships. 

This bundle is designed to answer client questions regarding narcissism and educate about maintaining healthy relationship boundaries. 

The bundle consists of 5 x A4 full colour Notepads (each with 25 sheets).

Great for clients to take home, consolidating important therapy teachings. Engage clients in difficult conversations with colourful visual resources.