We Can Heal from Trauma - Our Bodies Hold the Guide
We Can Heal from Trauma - Our Bodies Hold the Guide
We Can Heal from Trauma - Our Bodies Hold the Guide
We Can Heal from Trauma - Our Bodies Hold the Guide
We Can Heal from Trauma - Our Bodies Hold the Guide

We Can Heal from Trauma - Our Bodies Hold the Guide

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This innovative and informative visual resource offers a practical easy to use guide in the treatment of trauma utilizing somatic strategies. Paralyzed with fear and often utterly confused and confounded by their experience, sufferers of trauma frequently present frozen, terrified or numb. Whether you have clients who suffer from PTSD or CPTSD (Developmental Trauma), this resource will be extremely comforting and helpful when treating clients who do not know what to expect or are frightened of facing their past. It's also a useful way of developing rapport and developing a treatment rational without the client feeling pressured to retell their story, a process that can feel incredibly scary and lead to early termination. 

Comprising of 9 colorful handouts, this comprehensive trauma tool can be used as a treatment guide and useful psychoeducation resource. Given its thorough information, it is fantastic as a session guide, with the aim of introducing a new handout at each session. This may be particularly useful when paired with breathing or mindfulness exercises to begin the process of self-regulation between sessions. 


Topis covered include:

- Neuroscience of trauma including unpacking important brain structures implicated in trauma such as the amygdala and medial prefrontal cortex.

-The 'flight and fight' response and how our bodies work to keep us safe.

-What is trauma? PTSD vs CPTSD

-What Happens when we experience trauma? The amygdala hijacks the system.

-Two Responses to Trauma: Mobilize vs Freeze

- Normal memory vs Traumatic Memory

- The ongoing impact of trauma and dissociation.

-Trauma leads to us being frightened of our bodies - numbing.

- The survival responses trapped within - Somatic therapy.

- Befriending Your Body and Restoring Balance.

- Healing From Trauma - Treatment and Strategies.

- A Worksheet that covers 4 core somatic areas of treatment practice that can be incorporated at home and in between sessions for treatment success.

This resource comes with 9 full color A4 handouts (each with 25 sheets).

The feedback we receive from therapists and clients alike is fantastic. Engage the visual senses and reinforce important therapy learnings with take home prompts.

Somatic therapy strategies are increasingly becoming popular and sought after treatment options for trauma. Not only because of their effectiveness, but also because the therapist's primary objective is not to have the client retell their distressing story, a factor that often prevents clients from entering treatment.